One More Productions is casting for “Gypsy.”

Suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee

Original Production by David Merrick and Leland Haywayrd

Entire Production originally Directed and Choreographed by Jerome Robbins

The Mother of all Musicals! The jewel of Broadway’s Golden Age!

“Gypsy” boasts and incomparable score, a brilliantly conceived book, and one of the greatest leading roles ever to grace the Broadway stage. Regarded by many theatre professionals as the finest musical ever created, “Gypsy” is the ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters’ success – while secretly yearning for her own. Set across America in the 1920’s and 30’s, when Vaudeville was dying, and Burlesque was born. Arthur Laurents’ landmark show explores the world of two-bit show business with brass, humor, heart, and sophistication.

Direction & Production

Damien Lorton

Director / Musical Director

Nicole Cassesso


Dan Baird


Nikki Snelson

Annie Get Your Gun (Broadway Revival), Sweet Charity (Broadway Revival), Legally Blonde the Musical (Brooke Wyndham, Original Broadway Cast)

Shauna Bradford

Dance Credits: Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, The Lion King (International Tour), and The Academy Awards

Angela Mattern

Assistant Choreographer: This Is Us (NBC) Dance Credits: Paula Abdul, Black Eyes Peas, Holland America Cruise Lines

Heather Holt-Smith

The Walt Disney Company, Young Americans, Philippines International Dance Company

Important Dates

Auditions will be held over the course of two nights: October 10th and 11th.
You must be present at both calls!

All auditions, rehearsals, and performances will be held at The GEM Theatre: 12852 Main Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Open Vocal Call

Monday, October 10

Doors will open at 6:15pm. Auditions begin at 7pm. First come first seen.  Be prepared to sing 16-32 measures. Please bring sheet music in the proper key, cut to 16-32 measures and in a 3-ring binder. Please no songs from the show. You must have a headshot or current photo with resume.

Dance Call

Tuesday, October 11

Doors will open at 6:30pm. Auditions begin at 7pm. Be prepared to dance. Wear form fitting clothing that shows your body. Men bring jazz and tap shoes. Women bring character heels. Children bring jazz shoes.

invited Callbacks

Wednesday, October 12

By invite only. Doors will open at 6:30pm. Callbacks begin at 7pm.


Rehearsals will be held Mondays – Thursdays 6pm to 11pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm and some Sundays 12pm – 6pm.


Performances will run 11/25 – 12/18. Thursdays – Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. There are two Saturday matinee performances on 12/3 & 12/10 at 2pm.


A stipend will be provided.

Character Breakdown


Baby June: Female. 6-10 years old. Rose's daughter who is constantly being groomed to be the next Broadway star. Seeking a cute, high-energy performer with a fantastic belt, who dances well, has gymnastic skills…baton twirling a plus.

Baby Louise: Female. 8-12 years old. An awkward girl with hidden strength who lives quietly in the shadow of her sister. Must sing and dance. 

Young Tulsa: Male. 8-15 years old. Boy-next-door type. Charming, handsome, and endearing.   Must sing and dance well.  

Young LA: Male. 8-15 years old. Sweet, loving, kindhearted.  Must sing and dance well.  

Young Angie: Male. 8-15 years old. Engaging, affectionate, thoughtful. Must sing and dance well.  

Young Yonkers: Male. 8-15 years old. Cute, devoted, compassionate. Must sing and dance well.  

Herbie: Male. 40-60 years old. Baritone. An agent for Rose's children and possible husband number 4 for Rose. He has a heart of gold but also has the power to defend the people he loves with strength. Must be a strong actor. 

Louise: Female. 18-25 years old. Mezzo Soprano with a Belt. A teenager who grows up to be Gypsy Rose Lee; pushed aside by Madam Rose in favor of June until she becomes her mother’s new pet project. Must be a very strong actress who moves well.   

Dainty June: Female. 16-24 years old. Mezzo Soprano with a Strong Belt. Baby June as a young teenager. The older she gets, the less she enjoys being treated like a child. Must dance very well, tap, and be a strong performer with a strong belt. Ability to do the splits and twirl a baton is a big plus! 

Tulsa: Male. 18-25 years old. Tenor. Boy-next-door type…charming, handsome, and endearing. Strives to break out and be a star. Strong vocals and dance. Must tap dance. Strong Actor who plays one of Dainty June’s Newsboys/Farm Boys. 

L.A: Male. 16-25 years old. Baritone. Sweet, loving, kindhearted. Must sing and dance well. Strong Actor who plays one of Dainty June’s Newsboys/Farm Boys.  

Yonkers: Male. 16-25 years old. Baritone. Cute, devoted, compassionate. Must sing and dance well. Strong Actor who plays one of Dainty June’s Newsboys/Farm Boys.  

Angie: Male. 16-25 years old. Baritone. Engaging, affectionate, thoughtful. Must sing and dance well. Strong Actor who plays one of Dainty June’s Newsboys/Farm Boys.  

Tessie Tura: Female. 30-50 years old. Mezzo with a Belt. A burlesque stripper just past her prime with a big Broadway voice and strong movement/dance skills. Once dreamt of being a ballerina but went into burlesque. Comedic timing a must. 

Mazeppa: Female. 40-65 years old. Alto with a Strong Belt. A burlesque dancer who's tough, bawdy, and physically intimidating. A course broad who's been around the block a few times. Any size. Must move well.   

Electra: Female. 20-75 years old. Mezzo. A burlesque stripper way past her prime. A ditzy, sweet, endearing woman who partied too hard in her past and has probably been hung over for 2 years.   Thin, gaunt, tall with terrific comedic timing. 

Cratchitt: Male. 40-65 years old. The production assistant for the Grantzinger Theatre, N.Y.C. Strong comedic timing a plus.  

Toreadorables: Female. 18-25 years old. Singer/dancers who act as both the backup dancers for Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee but may also play showgirls in the Louise’s final strip. Strong comedic timing a must. Must move well and be fit.  

Agnes: Female. 20-30 years old. Kind, awkward, silly. One of the Toreadorables. Strong comedic actress. 

Kringelin: Male. 35-65 years old. Mean, grumpy, fed up. The put-upon manager of a hotel.  

Mr. Goldstone: Male. 40+ years old. Lovable and fragile. Booking agent for the Orpheum Theater Circuit. Strong comedic skills.  

Cigar: Male. 30-50 years old. Rough, rather aggressive owner of a burlesque theatre. Strong character actor.  

Pasty: Male. 20-40 years old. Smart-ass, impatient, condescending. Assistant to Cigar. 

Pop: Male. 50-80 years old. Roses Father. Kind, loving, fed-up. Strong actor.

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